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If you're planning for retirement we can paint a picture of how to get there.

If you're in retirement or about to retire we can help frame your financial future.

Our process begins with a review of your financial situation.

First we get to know you and your family, your financial habits, your dreams and goals. We will gather information about your income, expenses, assets, liabilities and income taxes. We will ask questions about your financial goals and concerns.

Although each person's financial situation is unique; we often find one or more of these common goals:

  • Planning for retirement.
  • Saving for a dream trip.
  • Purchase a vacation home or boat.
  • Planning for travel.
  • Saving for a wedding.
  • Saving for children's or grandchildren's education.
  • Reducing income and/or estate taxes.
  • Planning for health care costs.
  • Leaving assets to children.
  • Supporting adult children/aging parents.

During our planning process we will address your questions. How much can I spend in retirement? Can I afford a dream purchase? How long will my money last? How much should I be saving? Can I reduce my income taxes and/or estate taxes?

Once we have an understanding of your goals, together we can move forward with evaluating choices and making recommendations.

Our goal is to help create your unique financial plan; while keeping it flexible enough to allow for changes to your goals and/or future unplanned events.